April 30, 2020 Dr. Mona Delahooke will be with KAIMH!

  • Social and Emotional Development in Early Intervention: A Skills Guide for Working with Children (2017)
  • Beyond Behaviors: Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children’s Behavioral Challenges (2019).
  • Dr. Delahooke’s popular blog and website are at www.monadelahooke.com.

May 1, 2020 Dr. Anne Meeker Watson will be with KAIMH! 

  • Founder of SING.PLAY.LOVE
  • The benefits of music and play for supporting early learning and kindergarten readiness 
  • Helping young children’s self-regulation skills through the utility of music
  • www.singplaylove.com

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The 2019 annual KAIMH Conference was May 9 - May 10, 2019 at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview in Wichita.  We had a great line up with our 3 Featured Speakers: Eva Marie Shivers, J.D., Ph.D; Jenifer Chacon; and Stephen P. Zwolak! We had 175 participants and several vendors join us for a great 2 days!

  Dr. Eva Marie Shivers, J.D., Ph.D

Eva Marie Shivers, J.D., Ph.D. is the executive director of Indigo Cultural Center, a non-profit action research firm located in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Shivers’ work at Indigo Cultural Center focuses on the developmental niche of infant and early childhood development, mental health and education to explore the evolution of frameworks for understanding families’ culturally adaptive responses to poverty, systemic racism, and historical marginalization.

Prior to relocating to Arizona, Dr. Shivers was a faculty member in the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Ph.D. from UCLA’s Department of Education, Psychological Studies in Education. Dr. Shivers also holds a law degree from Howard University School of Law, and a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University.

Dr. Shivers has numerous peer-reviewed publications, and presents her research on equity, child care, mental health consultation, and other early childhood professional development initiatives throughout the country.

She currently provides early childhood racial equity training and consultation to infant and early childhood mental health community agencies and state departments around the country.

For the past fifteen years, Dr. Shivers has provided child care research policy consultation to federal, state and local government agencies and administrators. She also provided early childhood racial equity policy consultation to the Obama administration.

Her featured session was: Promoting Racial Equity And Disrupting Bias What Does IMH Have To Do With It?:  What role do we have as infant mental health professionals in closing racial disparities and reducing bias? The very first IMH Diversity-Informed Tenet is: “self-awareness leads to better services for families.” In the spirit of Tenet #1, we will come together for important conversations about racial equity and how personal, mindful transformation can translate into effective practice and policy. Using IMH frameworks as an anchor, we will practice using 3 multiple lenses of personal, interpersonal and systemic approaches in exploring research, effective professional development strategies, professional relationships, and leadership. Objectives:Participants will be able to apply findings from research on implicit bias and early childhood to their reflections on their practices and program policies. Participants will be able to apply elements of various mental health frameworks to their own capacity to enter into conversations about race and equity. Participants will explore what it means to serve our communities with intention; while promoting exploration of equity within larger systems and institutions. 

 Jenifer Chacon  

Jenifer Chacon is the Content Specialist for the Professional Development & Workforce Innovations department at the ZERO TO THREE Western Office located in Los Angeles, California.

As the Content Specialist, Jenifer Chacon is an integral part of the Professional Development and Workforce Innovations department. She previously led the P-5 Cross-Sector Core Competencies Training at ZERO TO THREE and supported cross-sector work in the P-5 field across Los Angeles County.

Prior to joining ZERO TO THREE, Jenifer worked as an elementary school teacher. Her focus quickly shifted to the work with young children and their families upon learning the positive effects of supporting children’s development early in life. This focus lead to her work as a Home Based Educator at the Pediatric Therapy Network – Early Head Start program in Torrance, California. There she completed certifications in infant massage and breastfeeding support. It also led to her experience in working with infants, toddlers, families, multidisciplinary professionals, and community agencies.

Jenifer joined the ZERO TO THREE, Western Office as a Policy Intern and continued supporting the work at the Western Office as a Policy Analyst and Program Associate. Jenifer holds a B.A in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Language and Literacy from California State University, Long Beach and a Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Community Organization, Planning and Administration from the University of Southern California.

Her featured session was Promoting Positive Well-Being and Self-Care through Healing Centered Relationship-Based Practices: Through relationship-based practices, we strive to empower and support families and young children in succeeding in their life goals. Unfortunately, and far too frequently, the families and children we support are experiencing many adversities. To address and support their needs, we incorporate strategies that promote healing from these experiences and in doing so, may often prioritize the needs of others over our own. We also cope with high caseloads, lots of required paperwork, and little time to accomplish all we need to do. This situation results in feelings of being overwhelmed and undervalued.

During this session, we will pause together and consider how employing self-care strategies that promote our own well-being can promote the well-being of the children and families we work with. Join your colleagues and the presenters in this interactive and practical conference session to consider a strength-based perspective on healing centered engagement.

 Stephen P. Zwolak

Stephen P. Zwolak is the founder and CEO of LUME Institute and Executive Director of University City Children’s Center (UCCC), LUME’s lab school. Steve has more than 45 years experience working in the field of early childhood. He is recognized for leading the conversation on the impact and future of early childhood education in St. Louis and beyond. His years as a classroom teacher, and a leader in various educational arenas, drove him to develop the LUME Approach, for which there is growing evidence of closing the racial and socioeconomic achievement gap. The LUME Approach brings together theoretical, observational, and neuroscientific research that affirms that the emotional development of children is critical to academic success and lifelong positive outcomes.

As a young teacher, Steve studied at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute, an educational center for which he now periodically serves as an instructor for others in child- and family-serving professions. In 2015, he received the American Psychoanalytic Association Educational Achievement Award. Today, Steve is recognized for his visionary thinking and entrepreneurial ability to create, enhance, and expand programs and develop infrastructure. He develops curricula which includes understanding the importance of children’s sexual development and addressing angry love with ruthless compassion in the classroom and home.

As a speaker and educator known for his warm demeanor, Steve skillfully challenges and motivates teachers to develop reflective practices in their daily relationships with children and families and to be prepared to administer therapeutic triage using a multi-disciplinary approach.

His featured session was: Angry Love and Ruthless Compassion: Reducing Isolation and Expulsion.

Children are entering into early childhood settings with "angry love." The only way they know how to express love is through anger. Their "angry love" is caused by fractured attachments and by mirroring behaviors they see in the adult world around them. What can you do to support children who are aggressive and disruptive? Participants will learn how to meet "angry love" with "ruthless compassion." Through an interactive Prezi presentation, including case studies, participants will explore Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), attachment, temperament, emotional milestones, and strategies to reduce isolation and expulsion.

AEW Nomination Due November 30

The Alice Eberhart-Wright Visionary Award recognizes outstanding achievements and significant contributions in the field of infant and early childhood mental health.  This award will be presented each year at the KAIMH annual conference. 


Congratulations to 2019's 'Alice Award' Recipient:

Suzanne Chapel-Miller, LSCSW, RPT, IMH-E 

Suzanne Chapel-Miller is a child psychotherapist with a passion for supporting the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of young children and their families. Suzanne has a private practice in Wichita and draws on her many years of experience and specialized training to help children and their caregivers strengthen their relationships and implement strategies that are individualized to most effectively promote healthy mental and behavioral development. She is a licensed clinical social worker, a registered play therapist and is an endorsed Infant Mental Health Mentor - Clinical. Suzanne has supported the work of KAIMH in previous years as a member of the KAIMH board of directors, a Reflective Supervisor, and currently serves on the KAIMH Education Committee. Suzanne lives in Wichita with her husband Brian, son Miles, and their three small but mighty, feisty dogs. She loves to travel (especially when it involves the ocean and sandy beaches), watch Miles’ on the soccer field, read (until she falls asleep), and is an enthusiastic rockhound who loves diamond & crystal hunting with her sister in Arkansas.